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Made with love by a real person

My jewelry is designed, crafted, packaged, and shipped by me, Sarah, a real person :) 

It is not drop-shipped from a factory in China. (You'd be surprised how much of the 'artisan' jewelry out there is...) Obviously I am not mining my own stones or metals. My work is a prayer of gratitude to those who do. I work with intention, love, and respect for this planet, my customers, myself, and especially those who supply the raw materials I need to create what I create.

The stones

Genuine crystals

I use only genuine, natural stones: never dyed, plated, or lab-grown (unless otherwise noted). I select many of my stones individually. (Translation: I spend absurd amounts of time in gem shops digging, sorting, and talking to myself until my blood sugar drops dangerously low and I realize I've had to pee for three which point, I mutter something along the lines of, "I really should go soon," and nevertheless end up staying until closing time. Then I get in my car and shove almonds in my mouth as I admire my purchases.) 


Raw brass

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is naturally hypoallergenic. (Most jewelry allergies are to nickel; solid brass contains no nickel.  Raw brass refers to solid brass in its raw state - untreated and uncoated. It has a mellow, organic quality and is generally a little more rough and less shiny and perfect-looking than polished, coated brass. This is solid brass, which means nothing is going to peel off over time. 

raw brass

Patinated brass


"Blu" patinated brass


Oh, how I love patina. Patina is the brown, black, blue, or green (or sometimes pink or purple coating that develops on metal surfaces over time. My "Blu" line includes beautifully patinated jewelry. "Blu" pieces are sealed and coated with a very high-quality archival wax for durability and color fastness. It's still important to treat patinated jewelry with care. 

Twelve: Twelve jewelry is made from quality, solid metals and genuine gemstones and is made to grow with you. Take good care of your jewelry and it will last a very long time. Treat it with love; don't let it jingle around in the bottom of your purse, but rather, keep it in a special pouch or somewhere clean and dry.  Avoid getting it wet, and dry it promptly if it does get wet. Lotions, perfumes, and oils can affect the surface color of the brass. 


Raw brass will naturally oxidize and age as you wear and handle it. While many people love the dimension and character of a natural patina (myself very much included); others prefer to keep their wares looking bright and shiny, which can be easily accomplished with brass polish or the polishing cloths I include with all orders. 

**DO NOT POLISH black oxidized components or patinated blue/green components; these are intentional surface treatments and polishing could damage them.

natural patina

Where to buy

Currently, my work is available for purchase at the following locations: 



Online shop is live!

Shop inventory is expanding weekly; check back often!


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220 North Park Road

Wyomissing, PA 19610

Where to buy
About raw brass
Problem Solving

Problem Solving

I put a lot of love into my work, and I'm only happy if you're happy. If you have an issue with something you bought, I definitely want to know.  Reach out, and we'll work it out. 

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