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Ancient Egypt meets Stargate

(or something like that)

The things that attract me tend to be either really small or incomprehensibly huge.  Small moments of true connection, whether a knowing glance or an epic three-hour conversation. Big ideas about the nature of reality, the purpose of life, the great beyond, and what may be possible. A little gemstone with an entire world inside it: a mystery of math, energy, and light.  A holographic reflection of the ever-expanding universe. 

When I was a kid, I obsessively collected rocks and wanted to work for NASA.  Now, I'm making stone jewelry while watching documentaries about the cosmos and evolving consciousness.  (Funny how things work out...) This time around, I find myself with a deepened respect for crystals and the time, energy, and pressure it took for the Earth to create them. I love learning about each stone's properties and experimenting with unique ways to wear and work with them. 


Artistically, I've always been the most inspired by the oldest things: ancient cave paintings, carvings, sculpture, pottery... large structures like the Sphinx.  I'm drawn to their refined simplicity and mysterious energy. I think the people who created these things knew something we've lost touch with; to me, these creations are steeped in wisdom...there is nothing primitive about them.    


My approach with twelve:twelve is all about juxtaposition: to marry the ancient with the modern, the tribal with the urban, the refined with the organic.  I enjoy projecting the ancient aesthetic into the future, giving it a modern, galactic context. 


"Your stuff is kind of like Ancient Egypt meets Stargate," my friend once expressed.  And I realized, "Wow, yeah, I think that's exactly what I'm going for."  

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