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The Future is Feminine

What does that mean?

Let me first explain what I *don't* mean by that. I don't mean:

-that the future should be dominated by women

-that women are superior to men

I'm saying "feminine", not "female". And the *super important* difference here is that I'm referring to energy, not gender.  There are two primordial energies in the Universe, the masculine and the feminine. Every major spiritual tradition recognizes this necessary dance of polarity in its own way. The interplay of the masculine and the feminine is the dance of creation itself. And each individual person embodies both masculine and feminine energy.  The gender of the body a person is born into--at least at this stage of human evolution-- tends to tip the scales more towards one of these polarities. Women tend to have more feminine energy; men tend to have more masculine energy. But this is certainly not always true...we need only look to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters as powerful examples of how this is never a steadfast rule. So again, I'm not talking about men and women.

The masculine/feminine polarity is represented even in the different hemispheres of the brain. We say someone is "left-brained" 

Masculine energy is the energy of doing, the energy of focused, forward motion. The masculine is analytical, logical, practical, organized.  I always marveled at how I could open my ex boyfriend's desk drawer and literally find pens, notepads, a calculator, etc all lined up and parallel at perfect 90 degree angles. It blew my mind how someone could be so organized. This is the masculine. The masculine is ambitious, goal-oriented, 

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